Obsessed with Skating? Us too.
Obsessed with Skating? Us too.

Obsessed with Skating? Us too.

Want access to exclusive online content including workout plans, crossover circle drills, Strut Skates, full Skate & Sculpt classes to do on your own, and more? The Figure Skating Club is an online community platform geared toward helping skaters both on and off the ice—and we’d love for you to be part of it.

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Skate on Your Own Time
Skate on Your Own Time

We give you the exercises so that you can get onto your next freestyle, public session, frozen pond (ok bougie) and get back to doing what you love!

Feel Less Alone on the Ice
Feel Less Alone on the Ice

The ice can be a lonely place, but we gotchu bestie! Think of us as the coach/cheerleader that you deserve on a session. We tell you exactly how to skate through exercises and break them down so you know what you're doing, and can skate with confidence!

Join Our Thriving Community
Join Our Thriving Community

Whether you’re an Olympic figure skater, you’ve been off the ice for 30 years, or you’re brand-new to skating beyond the basics, our community of active and retired figure skaters is the perfect place for you. We've got a community platform with message boards for all your skating needs!

Get Stronger On + Off the Ice
Get Stronger On + Off the Ice

We like to think we are the total package. We've got off-ice conditioning to get your body ready for everything we do on the ice!

Take A Peak!

Here are some of our favorite types of content from the Figure Skating Club.

Our fav lap drills and crossover circles set to 🔥 playlists that will get you moving!

Weekly Plans

We do the planning for you! Every week we add a new training plan for you. Mix up the days, pick and choose what you love, and get the full figure skating fantasy while you're at it!

Sunday at 12:00 ET

Our Signature class that got this all started. You'll get class lists and exercise breakdowns so that you can join the party. Oh and obvi the playlists we all love!

Sunday at 7:30 ET

We ♥️ the ice, but we also know that strength and flexibility are key to the sport. Want to work on your abs? We gotchu. Miss that skater 🍑? Let's get to weeerrkk!

Everyone has to start somewhere, and we are all in this together. We break down every exercise so that you can get out on the ice with confidence and feel like you actually know what you're doing. Cute right?

The only fitness class made for figure skaters

Founded by Olympic Bronze medalist and fellow retired figure skater Ashley Wagner after a candid conversation with friends who also desperately missed the energy of it all, the Figure Skating Club was born to bring back belonging to adult figure skaters who felt like they’d lost their space on the ice. 

Sick of dodging babies doing double axels and trying to keep out of the way of run-throughs, Ashley knew there had to be a better way to preserve her passion for skating—and she found herself craving a clean sheet of ice and some glorious edges.


Enter: The Figure Skating Club—because skating shouldn’t end after retirement, and you shouldn’t have to feel like you don’t belong.

Practice on any screen

We can't be on the ice with you, but you can bring the Figure Skating Club out wherever you're lacing up!

watch on your mobile

We Gotchu!

We do the work for you so that you can get on the ice and know exactly how to get started. Join the fam and feel an empowered to take up your space on the ice!

There’s a reason we’re the cultiest workout class on ice.

The Figure Skating Club is addicting, our community is electric, and the figure skating focused workout is the perfect combo for anyone looking to just skate, reconnect with the ice, and take back your relationship with the sport.

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